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  • Fitbit Celebrates IPO With Workout Event Outside NYSE (June 23, 2015): Fitbit celebrated its successful IPO with a workout event outside the NYSE yesterday. It trades on the ticker symbol FIT.

  • FitBit Plans to Raise $358 Million Through IPO (June 4, 2015): FitBit is planning to raise money through a public IPO. The company plans to raise $358 million.

  • Apple Reportedly Ordered Suppliers to Make 5 to 6 Million Apple Watches (February 17, 2015): Apple is ready for big Apple Watch sale. Reports indicate the company has ordered 5 to 6 million units.

  • Apple Records Monster Profit on Record iPhone Sales (January 27, 2015): Apple recorded a monster profit during its fiscal 2015 Q1 quarter ending December 27, 2014.

  • Google to Buy Skybox Imaging, a Provider of Satellite Imagery (June 10, 2014): Google has announced plans to buy Skybox Imaging, a company that provides satellite images.

  • Google is Top Global Brand According to Millward Brown Report (May 27, 2014): Google is ranked number one on the 2014 BrandZ Top 100 report from Millward Brown. Google was followed by Apple, IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's and Coca Cola.

  • Twitter Shares Fall 10% as Lock-up Period Ends (May 6, 2014): Twitter shares are down 10% as lock-up period expires. The lock-up expiration frees about 470 million shares for trading.

  • Apple Reports $10.2 Billion in Net Profits for Second Quarter (April 24, 2014): Apple has reported its second quarter results. The tech giant made $45.6 billion in revenue for $10.2 billion in profts during its second quarter.

  • GrubHub Shares Soar 31% on Opening Day (April 4, 2014): GrubHub climbed 31% on its IPO day. The company helps people order takeout online and over mobile devices.

  • Apple Falls 8% in After Hours Trading (January 28, 2014): Apple shares fell 8% in after hours trading on weaker than expected iPhone sales.

  • Kodak Rings Opening Bell at NYSE (January 8, 2014): Kodak rang the opening bell this morning at the NYSE. The company is celebrating its return to the NYSE.

  • Google Shares Cross $1,000 Mark (October 19, 2013): Google shares crossed the $1,000 this week. It closed on $1,011 on Friday and was up 13.8% on the day.

  • Facebook Shares Briefly Climb Back Above May 2012 IPO Price (July 31, 2013): Facebook's stock briefly climbed above its IPO price of $38 earlier today.

  • Time Warner Cable May Buy 25% Stake in Hulu (July 12, 2013): Time Warner Cable is reportedly in talks to buy a 25% stake in Hulu. This new follows Hulu's recently canceled auction.

  • Motorola Gets New Logo with Rainbow Colors (June 27, 2013): Motorola has a new logo indicating its takeover by Google. There are now multiple colors in the circle around the Motorola M.


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